SkyBase is a Canadian mapping software company, creating extraordinary logistical tools for Oil & Gas, Forestry, Agriculture, Municipalities and Safety. Best known for our "PatchMap" line of software products, our primary focus is to create comprehensive but easy-to-use tools, allowing those without extensive mapping experience to perform practical tasks quickly and easily.

Client Testimonials

"Patchmap Web is a program we use thoroughly in our operation. It provides an accurate, comprehensive mapping/routing platform that we use extensively for dispatching, bidding and job planning procedures on a regular basis. Well worth the cost."

Kris Klapstein - Bulldog Energy Group
"SkyBase Solution installed MapBuddy and Ag map for my agricultural consulting business. This is the best program I ever had access to and I tried many of them. I can document all my GPS soil sampling benchmarks, document pins with notes, track my sampling method, map with pictures field checks such as wildlife damage, hail events, or calculate flooded acres. Their service is remarkable. I had some issues with the program due to a change of computer they spent one hour to help me and never wanted anything for it. I strongly recommend the use of their services and if you are in the Ag industry use MapBuddy and AgMap you won’t regret it."

Chris Thiberge, MACHELMI Ag Consulting
"Thanks!!! That was too easy… Great Update System.
I have been using your product for 6 Years now. It takes me all over BC and Alberta."

Rodger Legault, Digital IR Technologies
"To the business and staff of Skybase Solutions, You and your Products have saved time money and a lot of potential anguish within our organization.

I can tell my guys the LSD of where they are going and not have to worry if i was clear on my directions, or can they read that map which was handwritten on the coffee table.

A highly recommended product for companies that see multiple sites in multiple areas.Even an overview picture of the areas you are going to be working in like the one attached.

Just a great product.
Thanks again from the owners and staff of Klon Services."

Lonny Nohnychuk - Klon Services
"I just wanted to say a few things about Map Buddy and AgMap, the program we use with it.

In the past we had to tape portions of county maps together to build our large map that went in our trucks for the drivers to get to and from fields. With the aid of Skybase Solutions we are now able to get a map of our working area printed off in one piece and the quality of paper you print it on has saved us from having to get the maps laminated.

Also, as we add fields or remove fields year to year it is very easy to update. We also use AgMap to build individual field map books. This shows the operators/drivers the field outline, entrances as well as hazards that may be in each field. There are features built into it that have really helped our operation (Land locations/acre measurement/distance measurements). It has been a very good program to work with and Skybase has been there along the way for any help that was needed.

Thank-you from Legal Alfalfa Products!"

Randy Meakin - Legal Alfalfa
“We performed a rig move using the tool to get a sense of its business value,” said Len Hudema, Procurement lead. “The results were very favorable — we saved more than $90,000 on a single move. The technology produced a direct route from point A to B using oilfield roads we would otherwise not have been aware of.”

This tool can aid in to setting up rigs and operations faster, in some cases a full day or two earlier,” Hudema said. “The cost reductions can be significant, particularly with savings on rental charges and hourly transportation fees.” But the benefits don’t end there. Safety risks are reduced as detailed directions and hazard alerts, such as chain-up areas for winter driving, are supplied for each route. And, as less driving is required carbon dioxide emissions are decreased, lessening Devon’s environmental impact.

We are excited about the potential for this tool, not only because it increases efficiency, but also because it allows us enhance our ability to partner with the operations folks by providing solid and credible information,” said Hudema. “We really pride ourselves on planning every transport with continuous improvement in mind. This tool can help us be more efficient at what we already do.”

Len Hudema - Devon Canada
"Thank you sir for making and providing such a fine product.

The in-house software that most of my coworkers use doesn’t hold a candle to the PatchMap software’s superior ease of use, routing capabilities and accuracy.

I really appreciate things like knowing where the kilometre markers are along major roads and the radio frequencies of a road, in case I miss the billboard sign. I feel like I’ve been so spoiled using PatchMap that I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost it.

I never head out into the field anymore without making sure that PatchMap is running. Thanks again, your software is incredible!”

William McLeod - Altus Geomatics
"I've send quite a few guys here ... one engineer couldn't believe that I would know that we were at an orphan well."

Harry Kinakin - Mullen Pilot
"After a friend borrowed my Garmin Nuvi 40 with the PatchMap software, he saved himself 1580 kilometers of driving within 3 days, by taking the back roads from Fort St John BC to the Chinn Inn at kilometer 160 on the Chinchaga Forestry Service road. It saved him over 8 hours of driving each of those three days.

After getting done those trips, he realized the benefit and now has his own Garmin with PatchMap! With all the twists and turns on that route, he was amazed just how accurate PatchMap is, and how easy it is to use."

Robert Hergott, Justifiable Safety Management Services Ltd
"PatchMap is great! I've been working south of Dawson Creek lately and I didn't know that area well; all the roads and names and everything were in there. The road names don't make any sense compared to Alberta so it saved me many times."

Darral Campbell, KCDC Ltd.
"We set our sales team up with PatchMap and saw an increase in numbers within a few weeks. Our staff can spend their time making a sale rather than pulling out their hair figuring out how to find the client. It was a no brainer for us."

-Industrial Technology Sales Manager
"The PatchMap system has lots of information on it. The well site information is very helpful when you want to see what the status of the well is. The direction the well bore is drilled and the approximate length.

The office staff have been very helpful. They will take the time to explain over the phone or if you stop by their office."

Terry, Husky Energy
"I feel completely lost without my PatchMap. I don't even bother with paper maps anymore. A huge time-saver."

Kevin, Whelp Creek Consulting
"I have been using your Agmap product for many years in my aerial crop spraying operation.

I put the GPS in off road mode and enter the farmers LLD and it takes me straight to the Center of the desired field.

I have become so confident with it that I never open a map while flying."

Keith Taylor, Taylor Aviation