PatchMap for GeoTab

The PatchMap-for-GeoTab Add-In allows you to still use all the features you know and love about GeoTab while adding the oilfield-specific functions you really need such as LSD, Wellsite and Facility searches, Route Calculation, and optional background layers such as Google Satellite - all on top of the most trusted oilfield maps in existence.

If you're using GeoTab to track your vehicles in the canadian oilpatch, the PatchMap-for-GeoTab Add-In is a must!

With PatchMap, you can search Wellsites/Facilities (DLS and PNG) , calculate turn-by-turn directions to your location, add optional layers such as Road Bans, Drilling Rigs, Highway Cameras and Municipal Boundaries. You can even save and manage your favorite places so you can quickly create routes to frequently visited locations.

If you'd like an in-person or online demo tailored to your needs, please contact us to arrange a meeting..

Product Details:

PatchMap for GeoTab Pricing

Pricing is based on number of connected devices per month. For more information please call 780-814-2130 to speak to a representative.

Key Features

  • Search Wellsites by Legal Description (both surface and bottomhole), using both DLS or PNG grid systems..
  • Calculate routes on PatchMap oilfield road data..
  • Print maps and Turn-by-turn directions for your drivers..
  • Get positional info such as Legal Description and Municipality right-clicking the screen with the 'Info Tool'..
  • Quickly adjust routes by inserting Via Points (stops)..
  • Search Addresses, Coordinates and Drilling Rigs locations..
  • Save 'Favorite' locations to quickly recall at a later date..
  • Switch between background maps including PatchMap, Google Road Map, Google Satellite and ArcGIS Satellite..
  • Add optional overlay layers including Active Drilling Rigs, Road Bans, Highway Cameras, Municipal Boundaries and LSD Grid..

Map Coverage

PatchMap for GeoTab covers the entire western Canadian oilpatch including Northeastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Southwestern Manitoba

  • Left: Western extent of BC oilpatch (-126°)
  • Right: Eastern border of Manitoba (-95°)
  • Bottom: Canada/USA border (49°)
  • Top: NWT Border 16 (60°)

Map Layers

  • Detailed PatchMap Road Data (includes names, kilometer posts and radio channels where available)
  • Wellsites and Facilities (Searchable by bottomhole or surface location)
  • Road Names (Searchable)
  • LSD Grid (AB, SK, MB) - Searchable
  • PNG Grid (BC only) - Searchable
  • Detailed, named watercourse
  • Wellsite drillpaths
  • Wellsite Boundaries (where available)
  • First Nations Reserve Boundaries
  • Park and Protected Area Boundaries
  • Urban Boundaries
  • Cities/Towns/Hamlets (Searchable)
  • Airports/Airstrips
  • Other Geographic places (eg. Mountains, Valleys, etc) - Searchable
  • Seismic Lines (where available)
  • 10m Contour Lines
  • Relief Shade background (device dependant)
  • Multiple map backgrounds including PatchMap(default), Google Maps Satellite/RoadMap, Open Street Map, and Bing Satellite

Map Updates

PatchMap is updated monthly and includes any new wellsites, roads or other map layers.

All data updates are applied automatically so there's nothing for you to do!

Device Compatibility

PatchMap for GeoTab Web will run in any modern desktop or tablet browser including:

  • Chrome for Mac OS, Windows, Android, iPad
  • Safari for Mac OS, iPad
  • FireFox for Mac OS, Windows
  • Edge for Windows 10
PatchMap for GeoTab is not designed to run on small screen devices such as smart phones and small tablets.