Custom Digital Mapping

Have something you need customized? We provide a wide range of custom mapping and software solutions. Whether you require paper maps for logistical planning in the office, custom Garmin/Phone-app maps for your field personel, or simply need help turning that messy spreadsheet into something useful - we're confident we can make you more effiecient, save money, and make you look good!

Over the last 15 years we've worked on hundreds of custom projects for just about every major energy and service company in Western Canada. Some of these applications include.. well asset mapping, pipeline asset mapping, vegetation control, reclaimation projects, Surface Rights Board hearing mapping, pipeline aerial surveillance, custom satellite/aerial prints, RFMA and WMU mapping, and countless others.

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Custom Garmin Maps

Garmin 'Maps' allow more flexibility and data richness than can be provided by simply uploading tracks and waypoints. We can use existing shapefiles, gpx, or any other type of spatial file format and turn them into a feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing Garmin-format map. These maps can be used on any Garmin device and can include searchable point layers as well as multiple polygon and line layers that can reveal tabular properties when clicked. All Garmin-format maps are designed to overlay onto PatchMap - so you'll still get all the features of PatchMap while adding your project-specfic data.

Below are just a few examples of custom Garmin maps we've done over the last couple years..


Custom "Paper" Mapping

Despite the growing popularity of mapping software, GPS devices and phone apps, paper maps are very much alive and well. Hard-copy maps allow you to see the "big picture" and are still the most effective logistical tool for the deployment and organization of multiple crews. You'll probably find our large-area wall maps become the most used tool in the office.

SkyBase provides a wide range of custom paper mapping options - everything from large wall maps, to letter-size map books, to folded oilfield road maps. These maps contain the same comprehensive oilfield road, well, pipeline and base data as our digital products.

Below are just a few examples of custom maps we've done over the last couple years..