AgMap for Garmin GPS

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One-time cost of $149.95

Bulk discounts are available - please call 780-814-2130 to speak to a representative.

Map Coverage

AgMap covers the entire western Canadian DLS grid - meaning any places within the "Township-Range" areas of British Columbia (Peace River Block), Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

  • Left: Western extent of BC's Peace River Block (-122°)
  • Right: Eastern border of Manitoba (-95°)
  • Bottom: Canada/USA border (49°)
  • Top: NWT Border 16 (60°)

Map Layers

AgMap allows you to view the Western Canadian Quarter Section Grid overtop of Garmin's pre-installed "CN North America" map. This means you can still use the Garmin map to find Addresses and Points-of-Interest while adding the ability to search for Quarter-Section land descriptions.

Map Updates

AgMap requires very few data updates, but we do update the map for device compatibility when needed. Updates are free of charge and can be done via a web download or in-store. Please call 780-814-2130 to speak to a representative to arrange an update.

The latest AgMap version is: 8.1

Device Compatibility

AgMap will work with any Garmin GPS with an SD card slot. However, hand-held devices such as GPSMap series or Montana series do not come pre-loaded with Garmin's "CN North America" map. Garmin "Drive" or "nuvi" are the recommended devices to use.

AgMap comes pre-loaded on a Micro SD card and includes an SD adpater for older devices using full-size SD cards.


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