MapBuddy Paid Extensions

MapBuddy is a free Windows PC program, basically Google Maps with tools. MapBuddy was designed to communicate with Garmin GPS units in a similar way to BaseCamp or MapSource. MapBuddy can import Waypoints (Favourites) and Tracks from any Garmin GPS and export Waypoints created in MapBuddy to any Garmin. A Waypoint saved or created in MapBuddy can have an extensive comment attached to it as well as files or even folders or a photo. MapBuddy can also import several file types: gpx, kml(z), shp … storing the later two as layers. It can also georeference any photo taken with a Garmin GPS or a smartphone, ie import and attach a folder of photos, all at the location that they were taken. Exporting to similar files is also available. To the free MapBuddy, different capabilities can be added via paid Subscriptions that we call Extensions and are described below.

Below is a brief overview of what each MapBuddy Extension can do...

AgMap Extension for MapBuddy

This Extension to MapBuddy is for those in the farm or farm service sector … with business relationships requiring the identification of farm locations and the work documentation related to those locations, from crop field inspectors, to tire repair technicians or mechanics, to auctioneers and realtors. Of course AgMap could also keep track of all the work sites over the course of a season and be ready to duplicate for next year … if for instance you were harvesting hay or silage from multiple locations.

Additional capabilities of this version are:

  • Visible and searchable Quarter Section Grid
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Retreive info at location including Legal Land Description, Municipality, NTS Mapsheet, and Nearest City/Town
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10. Not compatible with Mac OS
Internet access required

PatchMap Dispatch Extension for MapBuddy

If you work in the oilfield, you need the top of the line Extension for MapBuddy. This extension has enough completeness to be called a GIS system, actually even better, as few GIS systems combine the types of capabilities that are specific for complete fieldwork from inception to documentation and even sharing with both enterprise level GIS and coworkers with no experience at all. BTW GIS is the abbreviation for Geographical Information System. Since PatchMap data is updated monthly in the background (and new capabilities built in on a regular basis) without any work or need to worry on the user’s part, the PatchMap Extension for MapBuddy is even better ... if you need a particular capability, you call us and we figure out if we can build that feature in, try that with your corporate GIS department. Any oilfield service sector business will benefit from the logistics that only PatchMap can supply. You might be planning various routes or job combinations and want to save these ‘thoughts’ in a file … or have particular field data that needs to be documented; environmental, tank inspections, archeological or simply jobsite locations … with attachments such as photos or files of information associated with a particular location that you want an easy way to access and see where it is within a project area … the best way is from a map, the MapBuddy version of PatchMap will be what you need. If you have a need to associate photos to locations on a map and retain the linkage so that they can be shared with others, then this is your tool of choice. As MapBuddy (both the free version and the PatchMap version) communicates with Garmin GPS units, this is your tool of choice. Start by downloading MapBuddy here then PatchMap will be available immediately as a trial or it can be activated through the extensions tab. As the PatchMap Extension is subscription based, you pay from within the application. We do have discounts for multiples, so after you have activated a few trial accounts, just call us and we can make a deal offline for payment.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10. Not compatible with Mac OS
Internet access required

PatchMap Search Tools Extension for MapBuddy

This extension is designed for users who require full PatchMap search capabilities without the need of the PatchMap's visible layers or route calculation.

PatchMap for Garmin users can enjoy the convienience of searching LSDs, wellsites and facilities on their computer, then upload the destinations as waypoints to their Garmin. Great for when you have a larger list of LSDs to input.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10. Not compatible with Mac OS
Internet access required

Road Ban Extension for MapBuddy

Should you be interested in navigating in a vehicle when road bans are on, this map overlay allows both a window into the latest information from Province and State Permitting for all public road bans in western Canada and also a direct link to their website to get a permit or to start an account with them.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10. Not compatibale with Mac OS
Internet access required

Future Extensions for MapBuddy

Any service sector business that works in multiple locations even within a large city or municipality will benefit from more complete planning such as documenting worksite locations, preparing a bid or preparing a folder of pertinent information regarding the particulars of the bid. Since MapBuddy saves files containing whatever you’ve created; points, lines, routes, photos connected to locations into a file and you can have multiple files open at the same time along with the ability to copy/paste waypoints and tracks from one ‘job file’ to another, the logistics of a company can be handled easily right from the MapBuddy interface. The addition of more point attributes that allow point filtering means different job types or customers can instantly be filtered on the map. Any field data that you use to document a job be they particular paperwork such as fillable pdfs or sketches with measurements can be linked to that location. As most users already have a folder with the documentation for that job, linking to the folder is as complicated as it needs to be. So, set up a job and save it … hand the file out to the crew already populated with the particular documentation be it time sheets, safety meetings etc. A feature such as this is available in PatchMap but not in other Extensions so call if you need this Extension.