About SkyBase

SkyBase Solutions is a privately held company with a small, dedicated workforce. Although the company incorporated in 2001, we already had a decade of oilfield and survey experience in our back pocket by then. SkyBase Solutions President and Founder Rob Coutts developed PatchMap Oilfield Maps for Garmin GPS after spending the better part of his career as an Oilfield Surveyor. This hands on field experience is what makes SkyBase Mapping unique. We stand together to create the most practical and useful digital Mapping Software for western Canada. Our primary focus was to build maps for the Canadian Oil Patch. From here we developed maps, both digital and paper for many other areas of interest. Each of us have skills and abilities that go beyond the regular call of duty. We are committed to ensuring that our products work and are intuitive to use … and are equally committed to creating Mapping Systems that have long-term benefits to our customers. Feel free to contact any one of us who would most likely be able to help you.

Rob Coutts

President & Founder

780.814.2130 Ext 3

Gisela Coutts

Vice President & CFO

Sandy Storeshaw

Office Manager / Accounting / Purchasing & Sales

780.814.2130 Ext 1

Shaun Brocklehurst

Software Developer

780.814.2130 Ext 2