MapBuddy FREE!

What is MapBuddy?

MapBuddy is basically Google Maps with a bunch of really handy tools.

With MapBuddy you can...

  • Download waypoint and track data from your Garmin GPS and backup to your computer.
  • Mark waypoints and draw tracks then send them to any Garmin GPS.
  • Download and georeference pictures taken with your Garmin GPS or smartphone and easily share with other MapBuddy users.
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Import / Export gpx, kml/kmz, shapefiles, Garmin GDB, and CSV files.
  • Export maps as PDFs.

If you'd like an in-person or online demo tailored to your needs, please contact us to arrange a meeting..

Product Details:

MapBuddy is a FREE program!

Additional functionality can be unlocked through our paid extensions..

MapBuddy Paid Extensions..

  • PatchMap Dispatch: Search and route to wellsites, facilities and LSDS. Get directions, print maps, and calculate driving times on our un-matched oilfield road network. A great solution for Oilfield Dipatchers, Job Bidders, and Emergency Planners.
  • PatchMap Search Tools: Allows you to search wellsites, facilities and LSDS within MapBuddy. Results can be saved and uploaded to your Garmin device for navigation with PatchMap. Perfect for those who use PatchMap for Garmin GPS, but with the ease of doing their LSD searches in the office prior to heading out.
  • AgMap: Designed for searching Quarter Section Land Descriptions in Western Canada. The AgMap extension also adds a Quarter Section Grid layer on top of Google Maps. Commonly used by Farmers, Insurance Adjusters, Land Agents, Auctioneers, and Law Enforcement.
  • Road Bans: This extension will overlay a clickable layer showing road bans in Western Canada. When a road is clicked, MapBuddy will describe the type of ban, start/end dates, height/weight restrictions, and any other applicable info. The road ban database is maintained by Province and State Permitting.

Key Features

  • Search theoretical LSDs by Legal Description (DLS or PNG grid systems).
  • Choose between various map backgriunds including Google Maps Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain.
  • Upload/Download waypoints and tracks to/from any Garmin GPS device.
  • Convert coordinates between Decimal Degrees, Degrees-Decimal-Minutes, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, and UTM.
  • Search city addresses.
  • Measure distance and areas.
  • Mark waypoints with ability to change name, comment, and icons.
  • Draw tracks on the map and add name, comment, and symbol.
  • Georeference photos taken with smartphones and GPS devices.
  • Save and Open MapBuddy (*.bud) files.

Map Coverage

MapBuddy can be used anywhere in the world.

Map Layers

MapBuddy (Free version) uses Google Maps as its background mapping including Satellite, Road Map, Hybrid, and Terrain.

Additional overlay layers can be added with MapBuddy Extensions.

Program Updates

MapBuddy will auto-update each time the program is started (if required).

Device Compatibility

MapBuddy will run on any version of Windows:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • MapBuddy is not compatible with Mac

Download Trip logs (tracks) from your Garmin GPS...

Draw waypoints and tracks and upload them to your Garmin GPS...

Measure distance and areas...