AgMap Extension for MapBuddy

This Extension to MapBuddy is for those in the farm or farm service sector … with business relationships requiring the identification of farm locations and the work documentation related to those locations, from crop field inspectors, to tire repair technicians or mechanics, to auctioneers and realtors. Of course AgMap could also keep track of all the work sites over the course of a season and be ready to duplicate for next year … if for instance you were harvesting hay or silage from multiple locations.

If you'd like an in-person or online demo tailored to your needs, please contact us to arrange a meeting..

Product Details:

AgMap Extension Pricing

One-time cost of $149.00 per license.

License purchasing can be done from within MapBuddy. Go to "Settings" --> "Manage Extensions".
Or give us a call at 780-814-2130

AgMap's Key Features

AgMap contains all the features of "MapBuddy Free" plus..

  • Search Quarter Sections by Legal Description..
  • Search River Lots in Manitoba..
  • Overlay Quarter-Section grid layer on top of MapBuddy's base map.

Map Coverage

AgMap covers the entire western Canadian DLS grid - meaning any places within the "Township-Range" areas of British Columbia (Peace River Block), Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

  • Left: Western extent of BC's Peace River Block (-122°)
  • Right: Eastern border of Manitoba (-95°)
  • Bottom: Canada/USA border (49°)
  • Top: NWT Border 16 (60°)

The AgMap Extension allows you to view the Western Canadian Quarter Section Grid overtop of MapBuddy's base layers - either Google Road Map, Terrain, or Satellite.

Map Updates

AgMap requires very few data updates, but we do apply fixes or feature updates from time-to-time. Luckily, all data and feature updates are applied automatically so there's nothing for you to do!

Device Compatibility

MapBuddy will run on any version of Windows:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • MapBuddy is not compatible with Mac

Search for Quarter Sections and save the center as a waypoint or save the boundary as a track (shown in yellow).