PatchMap for MapSource (AKA PatchMap 2.0)

PatchMap PC 2.0 is an offline alternative to our PatchMap for MapBuddy. It allows you to use PatchMap inside Garmin's MapSource or nRoute software. MapSource is usually used in office environments or when you need to print direction maps when offline. nRoute is used to provide navigation on your laptop in the field using a connected USB GPS Antenna. Both MapSource and nRoute versions are included in a PatchMap PC 2.0 subscription.


PatchMap PC 2.0 Overview:
  • No internet connection required (except for install and updating).
  • Navigate to oilfield locations on your laptop.
  • Search Wells, LSDs and Facilities by Surface or Bottomhole location or Operator.
  • Find closest Wells and Facilities to your GPS location.
  • Get fastest or shortest routes on PatchMap oilfield roads.
  • Print direction maps and turn-directions.
  • Get well information including Operator, License Date, License Number, Strike Zone, Surface Location, Fluid, Status.
  • Manage your waypoints and trip logs and upload/download to/from your Garmin GPS.
  • Get vertical profiles on routes and tracks using the embedded DEM - useful for slope estimation for route surveys and stream crossings.


Map Layers:
  • PatchMap oilfield roads with kilometer posts and radio frequencies
  • Wells (color-coded by fluid and status)
  • Well drill paths
  • Facilities
  • Pipeline ROWs (Crown land only)
  • LSD/Section/Township grids
  • Seismic Lines
  • Contour Lines (10m interval)
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Detailed named Streams and Waterbodies
  • Parks and Protected Areas
  • Indian Reserves and Metis Settlements
  • Urban Boundaries


Map Coverage:
Oilfield areas of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


$995 per year. Call us at 780-814-2130 to purchase or to get a 14 day free trial.


Wells can be searched by Surface or Bottomhole locations.. 


 A route into location with  printable turn-directions...


Right clicking a well shows the well attributes... 


A vertical profile of a route on the Narraway Road crossing the Narraway River...



Road speeds are configurable, providing more realistic driving times for slower vehicles...