PatchMap for Garmin GPS

Product Details:


One-time cost of $395.00

Bulk discounts are available - please call 780-814-2130 to speak to a representative.

Map Coverage

Left: Western extent of BC oilpatch (-126°)
Right: Eastern border of Manitoba (-95°)
Bottom: Canada/USA border (49°)
Top: NWT Border 16 (60°)

Map Layers

  • Detailed PatchMap Road Data (includes names, kilometer posts and radio channels where available)
  • Wellsites and Facilities (Searchable by bottomhole or surface location)
  • Road Names (Searchable)
  • LSD Grid (AB, SK, MB) - Searchable
  • PNG Grid (BC only) - Searchable
  • Detailed, named watercourse
  • Wellsite drillpaths
  • Wellsite Boundaries (where available)
  • First Nations Reserve Boundaries
  • Park and Protected Area Boundaries
  • Urban Boundaries
  • Cities/Towns/Hamlets (Searchable)
  • Airports/Airstrips
  • Other Geographic places (eg. Mountains, Valleys, etc) - Searchable
  • Seismic Lines (where available)
  • 10m Contour Lines
  • Relief Shade background (device dependant)

Map Updates

PatchMap is updated monthly and includes any new wellsites, roads or other map layers we've added in the time since your last purchase.

Update price is $95.00

Updates can be done via a web download or in-store. Please call 780-814-2130 to speak to a representative to arrange an update.

Device Compatibility

PatchMap will work with any Garmin GPS with an SD card slot.

PatchMap comes pre-loaded on a Micro SD card and includes an SD adpater for older devices using full-size SD cards.


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