PatchMap for iOS and Android

PatchMap Web is the most complete and up-to-date oilfield mapping software available for the Canadian oilfield industry. Utilizing PatchMap's trusted road, well and facility data, the PatchMap App allows you to quickly locate wells and LSDs and get directions to your location.

Product Details:

PatchMap App Subscription Pricing

$9.95/month subscription

All app subscriptions are billed through Apple or Google's In-App-Purchase.

All subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial. Your credit card will not be billed if subscription is cancelled within 7 days. The subscription will auto-renew each month after the 7-day trial period expires.

Key Features

  • Search Wellsites and LSDs by Legal Description (both surface and bottomhole), using both DLS or PNG grid systems.
  • Get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions using PatchMap's road dataset.
  • Search Wellsites by UWI.
  • Search Facilities by Name, active Drilling Rigs, Street Addresses, Accomodation (LODGELINK), and Nearest Hospitals.
  • Search Coordinates (Supported formats include Decimal Degrees, Decimal Minutes, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, UTM).
  • Tap map to get Wellsite, Facility, and Road Information.
  • Mark Waypoints with properties including Name, Comment and Symbol. Options also include abiliy to show/hide Symbol and Label on the map.
  • Record Trip Logs (tracks), and show on the map. This also works when outside the app or when screen is locked.
  • Manage Waypoint and Trip Log data - including exporting GPX and Shapefiles via email.
  • Switch between optional background layers including PatchMap, Bing Satellite, and Google Maps layers include Road Map, Terrain, and Satellite.
  • Overlay optional layers including Active Drilling Rig locations, LSD Grid, Highways Cameras, Municipal Boundaries, WMU Boundaries, RFMA (Trapline) Boundaries.
  • Import your own GPX data (waypoints and tracks) from the phone's email or filesystem (iOS only).

Map Coverage

The PatchMap App covers the entire western Canadian oilpatch including Northeastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Southwestern Manitoba

  • Left: Western extent of BC oilpatch (-126°)
  • Right: Eastern border of Manitoba (-95°)
  • Bottom: Canada/USA border (49°)
  • Top: NWT Border 16 (60°)

Map Layers

  • Detailed PatchMap Road Data (includes names, kilometer posts and radio channels where available)
  • Wellsites and Facilities (Searchable by bottomhole or surface location)
  • Road Names (Searchable)
  • LSD Grid (AB, SK, MB) - Searchable
  • PNG Grid (BC only) - Searchable
  • Detailed, named watercourse
  • Wellsite drillpaths
  • Wellsite Boundaries (where available)
  • First Nations Reserve Boundaries
  • Park and Protected Area Boundaries
  • Urban Boundaries
  • Cities/Towns/Hamlets (Searchable)
  • Airports/Airstrips
  • Other Geographic places (eg. Mountains, Valleys, etc) - Searchable
  • Seismic Lines (where available)
  • 10m Contour Lines
  • Relief Shade background (device dependant)
  • Multiple map backgrounds including PatchMap(default), Google Maps Satellite/RoadMap, and Bing Satellite
  • RFMA (Trapline )Boundaries
  • Wildlife Management Unit Boundaries
  • Highway Cameras
  • Active drilling rig locations

Map Updates

PatchMap is updated monthly and includes any new wellsites, roads or other map layers.

All data updates are applied automatically so there's nothing for you to do! Some feature updates will require an app update, so turning on your auto-updates ensures you're getting the best performance out of your app.

Device Compatibility

The PatchMap app is designed to take advantage of modern OS features, so keeping your phone's OS reasonably up-to-date is important.

  • iOS minimum version: iOS 9.0
  • Android minimum version: 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Windows phones are not supported