Custom maps for Garmin GPS

Custom maps for Garmin GPS units can be created with the SkyBase AddMyMap Program from shapefiles. Then, as MapBuddy has a built-in facility to remotely load Garmin GPS units, custom maps can be loaded to most Garmin GPS units.

Most times those requiring a custom map just get us to build it for them but we also supply the AddMyMap program so you can do it yourself.

So ... input GIS shapefiles to create points, lines and polygons ... as simple or very complex (non-routable) Garmin maps.

Who needs this? ... wilderness runner wants to make sure they are on track (that doesn't happen much) ... have a few hundred sites to helicopter to (burn piles, regen survey verification, pipeline leak monitoring) ... access road route verification, 3D seismic program (originally designed for this application) ... monitoring sites (pipeline test points, environmental locations) ... special info that you don't want to share but have with you all the time: traplines, forestry cabins, burial sites, wildlife licks etc.

These specialized maps can be used in addition to SD card maps such as PatchMap so they can be used together without interference.